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Norman Health Products & Services BV, or “Norman Health” in short, is an investment vehicle of Norman Investments BV. Norman Health was founded in 2018 by a long-time global healthcare and (infant) nutrition industry expert with the purpose to acquire, build, and expand local healthcare products which offer effective solutions for common, but often overlooked, medical conditions.

While break-through medical solutions for deadly diseases with a high incidence (such as many forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes), as well as orphan drugs for rare but high profile medical conditions attract plenty of attention, much less time and money is being dedicated by investors, scientists, and governments to area’s that already have a “perceived treatment”. Good examples are many common bacterial infections, or conditions with a “perceived minor health impact” (such as fungal infections or certain viral infections). Such lack of attention we also find for area’s that are not considered an “unmet medical need” (such as problems with digestion).


At Norman Health our team is constantly searching for effective local healthcare products that often have been on the market for many years, but never have been internationalised. While known to be effective (either through local studies or years of experience), the internationalisation was not considered or explored.


New kids in town. 

Find locally and commercialise globally

Global Network

Norman Health leverages a global network and a team with well over 20 years of expertise, and a track record of successful launches of patented pharmaceuticals, branded generics, well known OTC products, and medical devices and infant nutrition.

Disruptive Innovation Models

We believe in business models for healthcare products that leverage technology, professional endorsement, and the patient or consumer’s ability to make informed decisions together with those professionals that support their daily health needs. While messaging and scientific support are professional and globally consistent, local execution adapts to market requirements

Scaling Forward

Without the infrastructure and resources of a large traditional multinational healthcare company we believe we can take advantage of scalable commercial opportunities that have been proven locally but can be expanded regionally or globally. Key for success are our local partners who we support with global, consistent and reliable support.

Solving the persistent problem of fungal infections of feet and toenails.

Sense of urgency

Fungal infections of the feet are one of the most common fungal infection on the human skin. The infections are mostly found in between the toes or on the sides and underneath one or both feet. It is estimated that at least 1 in 3 people who sport regularly are affected. The same fungi that cause infections of the feet, can also infect the toenails, a condition known as “onychomycoses”.

The skin in good condition

Fungal infections can be a tough problem to solve. This is why the developers of FunghiClear™ have looked carefully at existing products for treatment and prevention. They developed a product that is very effective.


Little attention. High impact.

Increasing awareness will accelerate self-medication practices.

It was not that long ago when we started our most essential daily healthcare routines such as a washing our hands, brushing our teeth, taking vitamin supplements, going for exercise or using sunscreen products. Now we know that these daily routines can have long lasting healthcare impact if started early and executed with regular compliance. However, we still have a lot to improve. Taking proper care of our feet is a good example. Not only can it prevent potentially serious conditions, it is also known that staying mobile is one of the important ways to stay healthy and connected to your community.


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